Our Missionaries

Robert and Simone Tully were reached through the ministry of Park View Baptist Church in South Hall, London pastored by our current minister, Dave Solt. In 2003, they were sent out as missionaries to their home country of Brazil. In the past couple decades, they have started two churches with hundreds saved and baptised.

Layton is the founder of New Hope Residential Home (NHRH) and has been a former heroin addict. He serves on site, and as a representative for NHRH. New Hope Residential Centre is a faith based organisation, believes that any man in addiction should be given the opportunity to aim toward a drug and alcohol free life, ultimately leading toward sustaining his own home; participating in education and/or employment; fully integrated back into his community.

R. Michael Cox BA, MA, DD, Dr. Cox currently serves as Director of Global Outreach. Dr. Cox is the co-founder of Stateline Christian School, Christian Schools of Michigan, The Michigan School of Missions, Fundamental Baptist Mission International, and Global Outreach. Dr. Cox pastored for 20 years – serving in 2 churches. In addition to serving as Director of Global Outreach, Dr. Cox is currently working with missionary Mark Holmes in Nigeria as a stateside Laison.

The information regarding this missionary is kept private due to the ongoing Christian persecution in this country.

Organization’s Currently Supported

  • Help India
  • Leprosy Mission
  • Kenya Thriving